What good tattoo ideas for husband and wife?

tangalangbabe said:

I want some ideas on a tattoo my husband and i can get together. It can be based on marriage, male and female, unity, or anything else you might be able to come up with. I am just wanting ideas not even sure what I want yet.


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6 Responses to “What good tattoo ideas for husband and wife?”

  1. cell737737 said:

    his and hers. wedding bands.. around your ring finger

  2. aka said:

    lol just answered a similar question: what I’m going to do with my wife is I’m getting her name (in Hebrew as we have Jewish ancestry amongst other things) on my ribs close to my chest/armpit. This symbolizes being near my heart and by my side. Also, in the Bible (also towards the Hebrew part) God used Adams rib to make Eve (and the tattoo would be on my rib).
    That’s what I’m doing, dunno exactly what you’re looking for but just thought i’d give you my idea.

  3. April F said:

    Well my friends parents have tattoos of their wedding rings on their ring fingers so if for some strange reason they lose it or can’t wear it it’ll still be there
    or you guys can get your thumb prints taken and the husband take the wife’s and the wife take the husband’s
    or you could get chinese symbols of like “husband”. “wife” or something gooshy like “together” and “forever”

  4. Shayluvchina said:

    you should get your wedding date on each of you or the name of your husband on you and your name on him of you

    or some thing like this that connects when your together:

  5. Carrie W said:

    I think this is cute lol

  6. pumpfriction said:

    Male Koi on you and a female Koi on him.

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